Peaches x Pussykrew

Direction & creative design by Pussykrew 

Music & performance by Peaches 

commissioned by Rayo Festival Madrid 

The union of the performative force of a punk icon, Peaches, with the virtual poetics of the New York-based directors and multimedia artists Pussykrew is the starting point of this collaboration, produced specifically for RAYO. Peaches has been scanned in 3D, opening a virtual space for experimentation in which to explore – and exploit – the limits of the body, identity and gender, creating a joint scenic performance in which Peaches can transcend the limits of the human, in a new virtual punk world.

Artist are exploring new modes of live performance, where body and technology meet. By using motion capture, the movement is translated live from physical world into virtual. Peaches performance drives the digital avatars in real-time, resulting in a wild interactive experience.