Online gaming experience by Peaches and Pussykrew

Supported by CTM Festival Berlin, as part of Cyberia Virtual Space

Direction + Dev : Pussykrew

Game Play + Creative : Pussykrew & Peaches

Sound Design + Spoken Word : Peaches

Type Design + Logo : @kstihu + @heimercore

FillTheWhole.today is a transformative live gaming experience, traversing sensations, emotions, material, and ethereal synergies. It allows You to explore the fluid virtual universe and listen to what it has to say. It allows You to embrace the surreal state. Feel the inflow, affect the landscape, let it change you. You can explore multiple levels, meet avatars and meditate, and grow with Peaches.

FillTheWhole.Today is an experimental exercise in self-love and acceptance. Suspended in-between desolation and euphoria. Bringing light to body positivity and exploring gender freedom. Pussykrew and Peaches want to challenge You and themselves in a new way, the way to vulnerability. 

To Create a Wholeness.