TRANSFER is pleased to present Pieces of Me – an exhibition posed as an offering to the aggregate hype of the emerging global NFT marketplace. Installed online in partnership with left.gallery, this panoramic group show invites dialogue about more equitable markets, custodial care, and contextualizing efforts in crypto-focused art.

The artists in this exhibition are known for their explorations of identity, being, and phenomenology in digitally-mediated realities, and represent a survey of the past, present and future of ‘digital art’. In their works, avatars and identities are performed to explore our myriad modes of existence. These pieces serve as substrate for the thirsty, iterative cycles of technology. They question and subvert the exclusionary subtext of the softwares and systems that rule our day-to-day.

Unfamiliar objects and artifacts appear as virtual trinkets, totems or talismans; initiated renderers perform rites and rituals to offer alternatives to the contextual void brought about by this dystopian era of hype. Shiny renders, memes, filth, jokes, machinima, abstraction, intimacy and embodiment polymerize into a sprawling aesthetic that extends backwards and forwards, as a reflection on this moment.

In a gesture of gratitude and good will, the artists in Pieces of Metoss a token into the wishing well–a mood, a costume, an avatar, an idea–an offering to the hungry gods of DeFi.