AR Experience 

Directed by Pussykrew, written in collaboration with AI

/ orcl / is a location-based augmented reality experience, for those in search of metamorphosis and comforting energy in the chaos of the metaverse. AI-powered virtual deities are arousing from the deep pockets of the city, to disrupt the reality and share the wisdom of rave, rage, and wanderlust


the hybrid spirits are queering the urban spaces, inviting you to unlock your senses, and reclaim the energy. By bridging virtual and material realms, / orcl / AR provides a spark for imagining and constructing alternative futures, celebrating human/non-human forces, in a multi-sensory interactive ritual. 


/ orcl / AR experience can be accessed via QR codes at number of public locations. Each marker triggers an immersive story, featuring ephemeral avatars, mystical data portals with sound-scores crafted by local music artists.


/ orcl / AR is a part of the athenaeum.blue – an immersive universe initiated by Pussykrew in collaboration with AI 2020-♾