Directed by Pussykrew / CGI by Pussykrew

Serpentine a music video experience / short film, combination of live action piece and CGI, sensual and intimate sci-fi story, where the heroine – Oyinda – is transcending into an alter/expanded reality in the post-future fluid universe. In the visual the viewer is wandering through game-like areas, following Oyinda through her ‘digital’ rebirth, while she is exploring the space, and channeling her force through the movement.

There is specific primeval energy meshed with the present; unreal biotech-like nature and morphing abstract shapes in-between the subconscious passage. The video advances the fluid conception of bodies and identities in the interstitial space between the touchable and the virtual.

Pussykrew created the digital avatar of Oyinda by 3D scanning her body and recording the motion capture data of Oyinda’s movement to capture the unique representation of her features and energy. Several virtual environments represent levels of altered realities she is conquering, we follow Oyinda as she moves from the ambiguous server rooms and utopian club to futuristic cityscapes and alien rooftops.