The Bliss of Metamorphing Collapse – VR / multichannel video installation

Presented at the New York Media Center and Postmasters Gallery New York

Pussykrew are trying to re-imagine the future post-human landscape, new living beings, and their ecosystem.

This multidimensional work is designed to explore speculative life forms that exist within a networked consciousness, beyond synthetic/organic conditions – these fluid entities transcend traditional hierarchical, binary systems.

The artists are summoning the audience into the hybrid universe where newly evolved gender-free organisms became the augmented hybrids of a body, technology, nature, and the sentient sense of the past.

Pussykrew are using real-time animation and VR sculpting tools to create new supernatural sceneries. 

the bliss of metamorphing collapse. is a continuation of Pussykrew’s work with sensual CGI storylines and immersive environments.