visuals for Kelela, based on 3D scans from the Carnegie Museum of Art

Directed by Pussykrew / scanning and CGI by Pussykrew

#NOWSEETHIS brought together cutting edge musicians and interactive artists for one-night-only event. Curated by VIA, featured Kelela, Dinner, and Juliana Huxtable, with video and interactive commissions from Pussykrew, Rollin Leonard and Kevin Ramser.

#NOWSEETHIS celebrated the inaugural year of the Hillman photography initiative at Carnegie Museum of Art with a custom program of live visuals and audience-interactive projects from local, national, and international artists working across photography, augmented reality, video, and code. #NOWSEETHIS was also the official launch of the initiative’s print photobook, a people’s history of pittsburgh, and the close of the exhibition antoine catala: distant feel, realizing an evening that blends real and virtual experiences. Interwoven with performances by Kelela, Dinner, and Huxtable are video and interactive commissions by Pussykrew and CMU Students enrolled in a special topics course exploring “mediated realities.” Artists took a daring approach to 3D image capture to explore new portraiture, queering the body, and mediated forms of intimacy. Pussykrew developed their work in the context of a 5 day residency at the Frank-Ratchye Studio for Creative Inquiry.

Pussykrew created a surreal CGI environment for Kelela's performance, based on 3D scans of the Carnegie Museum of Art, combining scans of existing classical, ancient and medieval sculptures from Hall of Architecture and Hall of Sculpture with liquid simulations and rich reflective textures, in order to create a neo-net-baroque landscapes.