CHRISHABANA 'Currency of Desire'

In a surreal new world where the mundane intertwines with existential dread, a society in disarray undergoes cultural disintegration. Beings, marked by their piercing fluidity, personify a rejection of mainstream norms, embodying explorations of identity, connection, and sensuality. They navigate a doomed society, trading in the currency of desire, acting as architects of a new future, donned in chrome armor. It is an odyssey through the landscapes of desire and possibility, a tale not just of survival but of metamorphosis. They are embodiments of a post-digital force that seeks not to dominate but to coexist, not to exploit but to explore. They are the avatars of a city reborn. Their story is one of reconstruction, a search into forever mutated and raw bound, skin to skin, silicone to silicone. Palms against concrete. Lips fused with sterling silver.