Biome ::

Site-specific Installation at Replay Boardroom Gallery – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Commissioned by Replay and Glamcult Magazine

Concept, CGI, prints, sculptures and set design by Pussykrew

Biome :: is an independent ecosystem, inspired by the post-modern jungle as our contemporary environment.

Pussykrew transformed the Replay Boardroom Gallery into a laboratory for aesthetic investigation, exploring post-digital notions in dialogue with the baroque interior of this unique exhibition space. By working closely with the architecture and history of the space, the artists developed a vital representation of this monumental room, which disrupts the notion of past and present. Pussykrew balances on the border of representing fantasy and reality, creating an immersive and playful tropical environment.

/ Nature similar to life emerges only as a form. the baroque is the natural idiom of culture, whereby culture imitates procedures of nature. Just as pure life has disappeared from this world, nature has vanished, and only appears as a cultural reference. ‘original’ models have vanished and cannot (should not) be brought back to purity. culture, usually thought of as the outcome and goal of nature has now obliterated nature and proliferates as a system of imitations. /

‘ carpentier’s marvellous real: modernity and its discontents in the tropics ‘ ~ Esther Sanchez Pardo