Pussykrew designed and created digital portraits of the hero along with the athletes and designed 3D printed sculptures for the adidas – Futurecraft launch in New York, the premiere of the first 3D printed footwear.

To create 3D printed life-size busts, the artists have scanned Tori bowie – runner,

Dele Alli – football player and Eric Berry – american football player. Using the raw data of each athlete’s 3D scan and mixed elements of the process to create unique fluid inspired pieces. Deconstructive design illustrates the process and creation with exposed interior and exterior liquid-like fills. The design plays literally and figuratively on the rising motion of the 3D printing process, creating a cohesive visual.

The moment of transcendence both in sport and innovation is played out in parallel. Both the athlete and midsole rise. 

Sculpture design, 3D scans and CGI by Pussykrew.

Project awarded with Gold and Silver Cannes Lion, Innovation.